Focus on job retention and creation, economic growth and getting government out of the way, allowing our great state to continue moving forward. It’s time to cut red tape and continue reducing regulations to make Michigan more business friendly. More and better jobs for our hardworking families is a top priority.


Lower the cost to live and work in Michigan; Fight for our hardworking families to keep more of what they earn. Support lowering the state income tax rate. Lower taxes promote growth for our economy and will make Michigan a better place for our children and grandchildren to grow and prosper.


Invest in improving Michigan’s deteriorating roads and infrastructure with transparency and accountability. Strengthen Public Safety—our families deserve cleaner, safer, healthier neighborhoods and communities. Efficiently care for seniors and those most vulnerable--government has a responsibility to focus our tax dollars on people truly in need, to eliminate abuses in the system, and encourage those who are able to be independent and responsible. I will work for meaningful reforms to make government live within its means while meeting critical needs, just like families and businesses do everyday.


Support the right of parents to direct their children’s education and have more control in educational options. Each child is unique. Not in favor of common core. Encourage and promote vocational training as a viable career choice. Support high standards, student success, accountability, and educational opportunities for all students regardless of zip code. Empower school boards, parents and educators to provide the best educational opportunities to fit each child’s needs.


Focus on Customer Service role of office, tearing down the barriers of bureaucracy. Representing you in Lansing isn’t about political games--it’s about real solutions and results for the people of Lenawee County.


Support the importance of recognizing and honoring our veteran’s brave and selfless service to our country. In favor of recent legislation to put veteran designation on driver’s licenses. Would have supported legislation to help veterans find successful careers and receive tuition assistance.


100% Pro-Life; I will defend the sanctity of human life at all stages.


Value the importance of our strong agriculture industry. Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry and it plays a significant role in Lenawee County’s economy. With my own husband investing most of his career in agriculture and the dairy industry, I recognize that farmers are some of the best conservationists in our society and their very livelihood depends on the land which they manage. I will work tirelessly to protect our agriculture industry.


I support and will defend the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.